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I appreciate your interest in our webinar for the release of "WEDA's Strategic Plan".


When Occurred: 
Wednesday, August 16, 2023, 2 EDT


Matt Binsfeld
WEDA President / Chair

Carol Shobrook
WEDA, Vice President

Shelly Anghera
Technical Papers Chair

Kathryn Thomas
Education Comm. Chair

Donald Hayes 
Editor, TPC & Journal of Dredging

Facilitator: Kathryn Thomas

General Webinar Overview:  

WEDA brings together professionals, researchers, students, and industry stakeholders to exchange ideas and advance the practice of dredging. Today, the Western Dredging Association provides a platform for dredging professionals to share technical expertise, best practices, and innovative solutions. WEDA is known to organize conferences, short courses, and in-person skills-based training, where experts from different sectors can present research findings, discuss challenges, and explore emerging trends in the field. WEDA also publishes journals and technical papers and puts on monthly webinars to disseminate knowledge and advancements in dredging technology and policy. 

The Western Dredging Association underwent a strategic planning process in 2017, with the results from that process enabling WEDA to define the objectives for the organization, make informed decisions on programs,  allocate resources effectively, and create a foundation for WEDA to adapt to the unforeseen rapidly changing environment in the years to come. The strategic plan provided a structured framework for WEDA to assess the overall situation, set priorities, and chart a course of action to achieve long-term goals. The results from the 2017 strategic plan are believed to be behind the organization's success for the following five-year period. 

During the 2023 Dredging Summit and Expo, the panel discussion “The Future of WEDA” was postponed. This webinar is in place of the panel discussion.

Attending the webinar will give the viewer an awareness of the future direction of WEDA. The 2023 strategic planning session created a mission statement, and a vision statement, and outlined goals for the following key areas of the organization over the next three years:

  • Membership
  • Education
  • Publication
  • Finance/Governance

The presentation will include the current President of the Western Dredging Association (Matt Binsfeld), the current Vice-President of the Western Dredging Association (Carol Shobrook), the current Chair of the Technical Paper Committee for WEDA (Shelly Anghera), the current Education Commission Chair (Kathryn Thomas) and WEDA's instructor, editor of the journal and newest lifetime achievement recipient (Don Hayes). 

During this webinar, the panel will go through the history of WEDA's strategic planning process, the new mission and vision statements approved Jul 2023, the goals for the membership pillar, the goals for the education pillar, the goals for the publications pillar, the goals for the finances/governance pillar, review the professional expectations document which was just approved mid-2023 and now applies to all members, announce the new governance structure being rolled out after the 2023 the Dredging Summit & Expo. 

PDH Credit:
A certificate for one (1) professional development hour will be available for all participants who attend this webinar or view the recorded webinar online. 

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you online soon!

~ WEDA Education Commission