Dredging Creates a Strong Economy and a Cleaner Environment

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Western Dredging Association has 628 registered members
Aaron Harke
Kokosing Industrial, Inc.
Aaron Ross II
Lagoon Pumping & Dredging
Aaron Wright
Infrastructure Alternatives
Adam Detrich
Environmental Restoration LLC
Adam Reese
Apex Companies, LLC
Adam Stitzel
ESCO Corporation
Adesoji Agbonyin
The University of Derby
Alan Alcorn P.E.
Moffatt & Nichol
Alan Craig
Survey Equipment Services
Alan Juncker
TenCate Geosynthetics
Alexander Binder
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock
Alfred Kovalik
Tipping Point Resources Group, LLC
Allen Dupont
Sediment Solutions LLC
Allen Kronstadt
Axion Structural Innovations
Amine Dahmani
SESI Consulting Engineers
Amy Hunt
EA Engineering Science and Technology Inc. PBC
Andrew Hazell
Port of Portland
Andrew McCusker
Andrew McQueen
USACE Engineer Research and Development Center
Andrew Millspaugh
Sterling Environmental Engineering, P.C.
Andrew Timmis
J.F. Brennan, Co., Inc
Andy Leslie
Certified Laboratories
Anna Townshend
International Dredging Review
Anthony LeCroy
SNF Mining
Arnis Mangolds
C-2 Innovations, Inc
Artie Ahr
Newt Marine Service
Ashton Brugin
U.S. Corps of Engineers
Barry Bara
Syncrude Canada Ltd.
Barry Kelly
American Dredging and Environmental Services LLC
Ben Evans
Caterpillar Inc.
Ben Sumpter
Ellicott Dredges, LLC
Bill Aley
Taylor Engineering Inc.
Bill McHugh
Mobile Dredging & Video Pipe, Inc.
Bill Precht
Dial Cordy and Associates Inc.
Billy Stone
Cottrell Contracting Corporation
Blair Carlson
AKS Engineering & Forestry
Blake Enloe
Legacy Corporation
Bob Davis
DiSorbo Consulting LLC
Bob Paulson
WEC Energy Group
Bob Wetta
DSC Dredge, LLC
Boris Slogar, P.E., MPM
Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District
Brad Garland
Certified Laboratories
Bradley Keating
Kayden Industries USA Inc.
Bradley Lamkin
The Glosten Association Inc.
Brantz von Mayer
Dredge Brokers LLC
Brent Mardian
Pi Environmental LLC
Brian  Newbury
Gahagan & Bryant Associates, Inc.
Brian Shanahan
Sevenson Environmental
Brian Vinson
Atlas Sand
Brian Walker
Mintek Resources
Bryce Marriott
Port Of portland
C. David Casebeer
Port of Houston Authority
Caitlin Dunckel
Phoenix Lighting
Casey O'Donnell
U.S. Army Corps of Engineering
Cedric Ota
Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co.
Chad Robinson
Anchor QEA
Charles Johnson
DSC Dredge, LLC
Chris Clark
Six Scientific Service
Chris Miller
City of Newport Beach
Chris Ringstad
Syncrude Canada Ltd.
Christa Skinner
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Christina Bolling
DSC Dredge, LLC
Christina Couvillion
Quality First Marine
Christopher B. Tolson
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Norfolk District
Christopher Dearing
GSD Companies
Chuck Broussard
Weeks Marine
Chuck Hornaday
Vadose Remediation Technologies
Clyde Brown
DredgeMasters International Inc
Colin Ray Eng
Berger Abam
Collins Bioseh
Bosch Rexroth
Connor Lamb
Dalton Olmsted & Fuglevand
Corey Woodley
Pacific Pile & Marine
Corine Miller
Royal IHC
Coy McCuistion
Manson Construction Co.