Dredging Creates a Strong Economy and a Cleaner Environment

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WEDA's Dredging 101 Short Course  

Basics of Dredging, Dredged Material Management, and Environmental Considerations

Fees: $50 for all participants

The Western Dredging Association (WEDA) is a professional organization connecting individuals, companies, other organizations, and individuals interested in the field of dredging within North, South & Central America. 

Wednesday, October 13th 
1:00 to 5:00 PM 

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Francis Marion Hotel
387 King Street 
Charleston, SC 29403

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General Course Overview:  -  View draft outline
The Dredging 101 - “Basics of Dredging, Dredged Material Management and Environmental Considerations” course has been developed and is provided exclusively by the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) for the purpose of helping anyone interested in learning about the basics of dredging and dredged material and environmental considerations in an easy, enjoyable and efficient manner.

The course material was established to give a comprehensive overview of:

  • what dredging is;
  • why it is being performed;
  • how it is being done;
  • what types of equipment are being used;
  • what factors are used to determine the equipment type, including transporting dredged material;
  • what dredged material disposal or placement (e.g., beneficial use) options are available;
  • what are the environmental concerns about dredging and disposal of dredged material;
  • what are the measures to manage potential environmental impacts;
  • what regulations/permits apply to dredging and dredged material disposal or placement;

All attendees will receive a hand-out/syllabus which will serve as a convenient reference manual and which contains handy links to additional resources and information. This course qualifies for 4 Professional Development Hours (PDH's). Certificates will be issued via email upon request.

Who Should Attend?
The course is ideally suited for those that are not involved in dredging for a major portion of their normal daily work or have had specific schooling in dredging. Individuals that deal with dredging occasionally or somewhat frequently as part of their work and need to have a good working knowledge and understanding of dredging will benefit from this course.

  • federal, state, and local regulators and environmental resource managers
  • project managers
  • journalists
  • new contractors
  • environmental consulting engineers and environmental scientists;
  • members of environmental interest groups;
  • anyone who has to communicate with others about specifics of dredging projects;

About the Instructor:
The Dredging 101 course will be presented by Dr. Donald Hayes. Dr. Hayes is a Research Environmental Engineer at the U.S. Army Engineering Research and Development Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He previously served as Chair of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Construction at that same University, before which he was Director of the Institute for Coastal Ecology & Engineering as well as Endowed Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He earned his PhD at Colorado State University in Environmental Engineering/Water Resources Planning & Management. Dr. Hayes is a member of the WEDA Board of Directors and a member of the WEDA Environmental Commission.

This Dredging 101 Course is being offered by WEDA as part of our mission to share knowledge and information about dredging. Because WEDA is a non-profit organization, with its goal not to make money but to share information, WEDA is offering this course at a cost of $50.

The Dredging 101-course registration is located on the Eastern Chapter Meeting registration page and below. The course can be added to your registration or purchased separately. Eastern Chapter Meeting registration is not mandatory to participate in the course.

All participants: $50

If you have any questions or need assistance registering, please contact us at info@westerndredging.org.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you in Charleston!